Abogados en Quito

We are a law firm with ethics and morality in each of the entrusted cases.
We defend our client’s interests as if they were own, we speak  with truth and sincerity of  their strengths and weaknesses, we offer possible legal solutions in their  defense, we don’t  cheat and work under the Latin rule CLARIS VERBIS (clear and direct language).

We speak directly, without dreads and our cases we defend in an equal way, always until the end. At the moment of treating a topic, we neither have commitments with anybody, nor are afraid of the inconveniences that cause our acts in the justice defense.

We do not defend  cases scolded  with  ethics and  morality, less with the law, because of it, never expect to listen what you  want instead of  what it corresponds, being better this for you.

Remember, everything in life has a solution.